Caruso and Company, PA  |  Boca Raton Financial Advisor

When it’s all said and done- When you consider a CPA, a few stereotypes might come to mind. Certified Public Accountants are math nerds and financial specialists. We’re economical and definitely like to save money as well as cut taxes. We are often conservative and avoid risk. We love to make profits and DO NOT like to lose money. All in all, the exact qualities you would want for someone handling your money.

As a Boca Raton CPA and Investment Advisor, we will always legally maintain a Fiduciary Standard of Care, which means that we have a sole obligation of loyalty to always act for what is in your best interests. If you compare that to the “Suitability Standard” which most brokers, bankers, “financial advisors” and insurance salespersons owe their clients. Investment recommendations need to be suitable, but they do not have to be in the clients’ best interest. Financial professionals held to a Suitability Standard only have a divided loyalty between their clients and their own financial best interests.

As a Boca Raton Financial Advisor, our relationship with you is built on trust and service, not on sales commissions. We focus on relationships and not individual transactions; Relationships that are built on trust and confidence, and peace of mind through these unstable economic cycles.